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Functional testing and accessibility testing are the core services which Xceptional offers.

Release testing

Are you launching a new website or web app? We provide testing services to help you ensure that on launch day you have a well-tested, high quality product that works correctly and consistently across a range of browsers and devices.

We cater our testing to fit your schedule and budget. We can either work towards a specific launch date or work with you as part of a continuous deployment arrangement.

Accessibility testing

Are you required to deliver an accessible website that is usable by people with disabilities? We can help by conducting accessibility testing to quickly assess your website or digital product for accessibility compliance.

Our testing team uses an accessibility assessment tool, to identify potential issues and then will test further with a screen reader to identify practical accessibility issues. We can assess for WCAG 2.0 A, AA or AAA compliance.


Our approach

Our engagement is typical delivered over four phases. The duration of each phase varies depending on the project size and requirements.

Project Initiation

Our Client Engagement Manager meets with your team to discuss your project and testing needs. We then scope out the tasks and provide an estimate of the effort that will be required.

Test Development

Next, we will work towards a deep understanding of your product requirements and develop a detailed test plan that lays out the approach that we plan to take, the tests cycles that we will expect to carry out and a recommendation on a schedule. As required by the project, this phase may include interviews with intended users to understand their specific functional and usability requirements.

We then develop the detailed test scripts that our testers will execute. These may be a combination of manual and automated tests as appropriate.

Test Execution

During this phase, which may consist of multiple cycles, our testers execute the tests and report on issues found. We will keep you updated with regular check-ins with your team. We aim to ensure you receive the key information that you need with daily or weekly status reports on the progress of tests and defects found. We can log our tests and defects in our own tracking system or we can use another tool if you prefer.


After the completion of the test phase, we will submit a Summary Report. This details the approach that was used to test, a summary of the test results and issues we have found. Where appropriate we will offer our recommendations for issue remediation.

Social impact

Our point of difference is that at least 50% of our software testing consultants are people with autism. Many are highly skilled at pattern recognition and have a high tolerance for repetitive activities, both key characteristics for software testing. Despite their skills 65% of this group across Australia are not employmed. By working with Xceptional you will be providing employment as well as receiving our Xceptional services.

Our team looks forward to supporting you with your testing needs.