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Project Description

Payment Portal Testing

Xceptional Tests New Donation Pages for the Bible Society


Xceptional was engaged by the Bible Society to complete a test cycle for a set of donations pages that made use of a new payment gateway. Since the development work was still in progress the aim was to have Xceptional conduct exploratory testing, focusing on the payment process, across a number of browsers and devices. The Xceptional test team quickly implemented a test script based on the initial exploratory testing, and then replicated the process on the target environments.


With the use of a Trello board, an issue tracking environment already used by the customer, Xceptional provided timely feedback to the Bible Society developers. Xceptional was keen to provide a seamless interface between the testers and the development team and this was facilitated by Xceptional’s customer engagement manager.

In addition to the Trello board, the Xceptional team also delivered a report summarising the issues found and the team concluded the engagement by meeting with the customer’s digital team to present their findings.

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Test Script Development

Seamless Interface
Timely Feedback
Integrated Issue Tracking
Social Impact


Mark Dando, Group Chief Digital, said “It is such an advantage that Xceptional have a team with super attention to detail and a focus that aligns so well with software testing. Once you understand Xceptional’s social impact you also see that every time we test a digital service it’s also better for our society at large.”

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