Xceptional wins Macquarie Kickstarter award

Xceptional News   •   August 11, 2017


We are super excited to announce that we’ve won the Macquarie Kickstarter program! Kickstarter is a business planning competition and grant program funded by the Macquarie Group Foundation for early stage social ventures like us. It is run by an awesome team over at SEFA Partnerships. And we are delighted to be selected as one of 3 winners!

After 12 weeks of mentoring and advice from our two Macquarie Group mentors, Beth Wallace and John Duane, we have now been awarded $10,000 grant to invest in growing Xceptional over the coming months. We have also now have a significantly improved business plan, which will be a key resource as we move ahead.

The process has helped us to make critical decisions about the business in this early phase. Our two mentors guided Xceptional through making a decision about whether to begin running training programs which has ended up uncovering a new and exciting area of growth.

We are pleased to have this validation for one of the world’s leading financial institutions. And we are so proud of our team, our testers and everyone involved in Xceptional that helped make this happen.

If you are interested to partner with us for your software testing needs or want to learn more about what we do please get in touch with Mike Tozer (mike@x-ceptional.com).

About Xceptional

Xceptional is a software testing company that provides exceptional software testing services to its customers by employing people with autism. The company untilises their strengths in pinpointing errors, observing patterns and lateral thinking to offer outstanding testing services in web and mobile for business, government and non-profit client organisations.

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