Founder video diary #6



Xceptional News   •   September 7, 2017



We are a tech startup that does software testing and employs people with autism. We also provide training services to other tech firms to help them employ people with autism.

  • Our big news is that since our last video update we’ve won the Macquarie Kickstarter! We are pretty excited about the impact this will have on our business. It’s encouraging to get that external validation. And the win gives us a grant that will allow us to further grow the business.

  • Yesterday we attended the International Autism Conference. It was exciting to see so many people in the room who were exploring autism employment projects. There were around 20 employers present including a range of tech companies.

  • We’ve also launched an intern program. Our first Intern – Shreya – has started with us. There’s a Q&A with Shreya on our Articles page as well a blog post about the Macquarie award. Thanks for following along.

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