Xceptional welcomes 2017 intern


Xceptional News   •   August 25, 2017


We have recently been joined by our first ever intern. We are delighted to welcome Shreya Nayak to our team! Shreya is completing her master’s degree in IT Management at Sydney University and will be with us for the next 5 months, working closely with our CEO and testing team across a variety of projects.

Here are Shreya’s answers to a few questions we posed this week.

Why did you apply to work at Xceptional?

I was really impressed with Xceptional’s mission to employ people with Autism and bring a change to society. I really wanted to be a part of this noble cause. Xceptional was looking for a candidate who is “Smart with heart” and “Tech focus” and I believed that I possessed both the qualities and skills which would help Xceptional to grow.

What’s the best thing about working at a startup?

I think working with a startup you have more opportunity to learn new things, get hands-on experience and grow individually along with the company. Also, you have more responsibilities while working closely with CEO and making impactful decisions. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom, where people trust in you to give your idea a quick try.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Since Xceptional is growing at fast pace, the only challenge I think is to bring the uniformity of the processes across the projects.

What have you most enjoyed about Xceptional so far?

I am enjoying being a part of Xceptional. The team is very friendly and have a very informal atmosphere.I really appreciate the way the CEO – Mike – encourages me to provide input and recommendations. I was overwhelmed when Mike invited me to be a part of an event where we celebrated Xceptional’s achievements where I got a chance to meet some of our partners at Macquarie Group.

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